Assistant Production Manager SJA, Inc. Dadeville, AL Overview Assistant production managers work under the supervision of the production manager. They are responsible in planning, coordinating and controlling of manufactured processes. Duties An assistant production manager helps in providing the production process and schedule, overseeing quality control and ensuring products are produced on time or projects completed within the deadline. Other tasks of an assistant production manager include budgeting, utilizing needed human and material resources, creating a timescale for production, supervising production processes, and adjusting schedules when needed. Monitor and manage assembly line UPH and line assignments based on plan and daily attendance. Skills An assistant production manager must possess excellent organizational, communication, problem solving and analytical skills along with an ability to lead a large team in the organization. He must be flexible enough to work under stringent deadlines and high work pressure on a regular basis. Qualifications and Education Bachelor’s degree required Proficient in Microsoft office software Bilingual: Korean and English Job Type: Full-time

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