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Logistic 관리직: Logistics Assistant Manager or Manager (알라바마 공장)

General Affair
2023-11-15 11:38

Staffing / Recruiting/IT consulting 을 전문으로 하는 BNT Inc. 입니다.

현기차 협력업체,정규직원 모집합니다.

한국의 본사를 둔 50년된 글로벌 1-tier 미국 계열사에서 자동차 부품 생산업체에서 우수한 인재를 모집합니다.
Automotive Component Manufacturer로서의 전문적 생산역량을 전 세계를 향해 펼치고 있습니다.
미국 내 회사의 발전 및 전기차 공장 신설에 따라 아래와 같이 근무할 인재를 모집합니다.

== 아 래 ==
1. 모집부분

(1) Sales 팀 Logistic 관리직: Logistics Assistant Manager or Manager (알라바마 공장)
2. 지원자격
(1) 경력(3~ 5년)
(2) 긍정적이고 적극적인 자세와 관심있는 경력(3년 ~ 5년미만)

3. Compensation (급여)
Logistics Assistant (대리급) $70,000이상 및 당사 기준 개인 직무수행 능력에 따른 직무급 및 성과급 부여
Logistics Manager (과장급) $75,000 이상 및 당사 기준 개인 직무수행 능력에 따른 직무급 및 성과급 부여

4. Benefits (각종 복리후생)
(1) 의료보험: 법정 보험 및 BCBS Health, Vision, Dental, Life Insurance Coverage등
(2) Visa (OPT, H1B, E2 등) Sponsor 및 1년 근무시 Green Card (영주권) Sponsorship
(3) 평일/주말/공휴일 특근비 지원
(4) 401K 등 연금 2% 매칭 프로그램 지원
(5) 이주비 조건에 따라 미국내 ($3,000) 이상, 미국외 ($4,000)이상 지원
(6) 개인별 Benefits 지원
(7) 연차 및 명절선물
(8) 식비지원
(9) 휴대폰비 지원
(10) 경조사 서비스
(11) 연말 보너스 등 각종 복리후생 제공

5. 제출서류
(1) 국문 이력서 또는 영문 이력서
(2) 자기 소개서 및 주요 업무 경험 기술서 (수행한 직무를 중심으로 한글 또는 영문 자유 양식으로 작성)

6. 제출처 및 연락처
제출처 : ga@bntincorp.com

연락처 : 912-274-1331

7. 면접 및 근무사항
(1) Zoom 화상면접 지원
(2) 면접진행: 서류심사 후 실무면접 (일자는 별도 통지 예정)

1. Positions Available

(1) Logistics Management Position in the Sales Team: Logistics Assistant Manager or Manager (Alabama Pla

2. Qualifications
(1) Experience (3~5 years)
(2) Positive and proactive attitude with interest, preferably with less than 5 years of experienc

3. Compensation

Logistics Assistant (Assistant Manager Level): $70,000 and above, plus job level and performance-based bonuses according to individual job performance standards set by the company.

Logistics Manager (Managerial Level): $75,000 and above, plus job level and performance-based bonuses according to individual job performance standards set by the company

[Job Description]

Responsibilities and Major Function:
1. Maintains quality management system in compliance with ISO/TS 16949 requirements and customer specification.
2. Monitors standards of the organization or Shipping process.
3. Manages current process improvement and new process development.
4. Develops plans for annual internal and external Sales audit plans.
5. Trains internal auditors, department specialists/team members.
6. Manage the warehousing of all finished goods which includes picking, packing and shipment of products and materials.
7. Manage all of the Shipping pallets and boxes.

Essential duties and function :
1. Monitor employee performance.
2. Assign employees to pick, package, and ship products and materials tour customers.
3. Reconcile daily shipping data and complete reports.
4. Assist with manpower needs to supplement the Receiving and Production departments.
5. Monitor shipments to ensure that customer specific requirements are met.
6. Monitor current and projected workloads to determine when additional help may be needed to meet deadlines.
7. Interface with our customers through various means to ensure that we are in compliance with their prescribed shipping methods and requirements.
8. Notify our customers when difficulties arise in meeting their requirements and negotiate a workable solution for both parties.
9. Work with the carriers to ensure that we are utilizing the best service in terms of dependability and economy.
10.Recommend, implement, and support continuous improvement within the department
and the company to improve employee performance, quality control, productivity, efficiency, and cost reduction.
11.Support a proactive safety environment, with emphasis on good housekeeping techniques.
12.Establish and periodically review departmental Standard Operating Procedures.
13.Prepare, evaluate, and maintain employee performance reviews and time cards.
14.Assist in planning and maintaining a balanced departmental budget.
15.Provide departmental coverage for the Production Manager in his/her absence.
16.Performance various other duties as required.

Additional Responsibilities:

1. Performs other duties as assigned

1. Bachelor’s degree or above Minimum of 3 years experience in Industrial Distribution and Warehousing.
2. Minimum of 5 years experience in a Sales driven Customer Service organization,
preferably in a Manufacturing/Production environment with exposure to Quality Control.
3. ISO/TS 1699 Internal auditor certification required.
4. Proficiency in Windows Excel, PowerPoint, Word required.
5. An individual must demonstrate strong supervisory, interpersonal, communication skills.
6. Capability to perform multi-tasks.
7. Possess excellent problem solving skills.
8. Ability to resolve employee conflicts, problems, and complaints.
9. Knowledge of applicable statues pertaining to EOE, discrimination, sexual harassment, and other labor related allegations.
10. Possess strong math skills.
11. Computer proficiency is a must.
12. Physical requirements – ability to bend, twist, stoop, reach, climb ladder, lift material
up to 70 lbs., and move material up to 600 lbs using a pallet jack.
Personal Characteristics:
1. High energy level, comfortable performing multifaceted projects in conjunction with
day-to-day activities.
2. Superior interpersonal abilities. Ability to get along with diverse personalities,
tactful, mature, flexible.
3. Good reasoning abilities. Sound judgment.
4. Good communication skills. (Korean/English)
5. Resourceful and well organized.
6. Participative management style—advocate of team concept.
7. Ability to establish credibility and be decisive—but is able to recognize and support
the organization’s preferences and priorities. Results and people oriented, but have sound judgment—ability to balance other
business considerations. Service oriented, but assertive/persuasive.

4. Benefits
(1) Medical Insurance: Legal insurance and BCBS Health, Vision, Dental, Life Insurance Coverage, etc.
(2) Visa (OPT, H1B, E2, etc.) Sponsorship and Green Card (Permanent Residency) Sponsorship after 1 year of service.
(3) Overtime pay support for weekdays/weekends/public holidays
(4) 401K retirement 2% matching program support
(5) Immigration expenses support (over $3,000 within the U.S., over $4,000 outside the U.S.) according to conditions
(6) Individual benefits support
(7) Annual leave and holiday gifts
(8) Meal support
(9) Mobile phone expense support
(10) Congratulatory services
(11) Year-end bonuses and various welfare benefits provided

5. Required Documents
(1) Korean or English resume
(2) Self-introduction and description of key work experiences (freely written in Korean or English, focusing on performed duties)

6. Submission and Contact Information

Submission: ga@bntincorp.com

7. Interview and Working Details
(1) Zoom video interview available
(2) Interview process: Document review followed by practical interviews (date to be notified separately)

Total 1,293
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