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Boys be ambitious

Tom Seo
2024-07-05 19:55

Start up business item of our product
and platform service with us

현제 San Francisco area  에서 Switzerland 기반을둔 Helpany  라는 
회사가 우리제품에 비하면 너무 유치한 Revolutionizing  Fall Prevention 라는 슬로건을 걸고 전국의 senior  상대로  Helpany’s ingenious Radar
선전 하며 MARKERTING 으로 성공 하고 있으니  우리회사는Helpany  보다 10 이상 발전된software technology Radar
Sensor with AI CHAT GPT 
미국을 휘잡을 야망있는 젊은 사업가와  collaborating  했으면 합니다 참고로 앞으로의 시장은 silver market (senior) 미국소비 시장의 50% 차지 입니다  아울러 marketing  silver market (senior) 승리자가미국소비 시장의 승리자 입니다 우리제품은아래와 같습니다(아래글은 미국 주지사들 애게 보낸제품소개 메일 립니다)

 My name is Tom Seo and I represent The Eagle
Technology Inc , a leading radar sensor manufacturer/supplier based in Irvine,
California, a leading

 radar sensor manufacturer/supplier based in
Irvine, California, and JCFT Technology Inc., a Korean radar sensor
manufacturer in the United States. . The purpose of my email is to save many
seniors living alone from death, as seen in the case where New York State,
through its senior welfare program, 100% supported radar sensor installation
and platform services to protect seniors living alone from sudden death with
our company’s products. We would like to ask if you would give us the
opportunity to visit your company and explain to you. When installed in a
residential space, it checks 1) heart rate, 2) respiration, 3) indoor
temperature, 4) body temperature, 5) apnea, 6) falls, and 7) movement recording
on every 15 seconds for 24 hours. Installed, one manager can care for 50
people. So if standards are exceeded or an emergency situation occurs, quick
action can be taken to save lives. In particular, if a radar sensor is
installed on the door to the room of a patient with memory problems such as
dementia or Alzheimer’s, when the patient leaves the room, an emergency signal
is sent to the administrator and an alarm sounds. If the standards are exceeded
or an emergency situation occurs, you must report it to your legal
representative, administrative manager, or 911. There are already countless
cases of saving the lives of elderly people in countries such as New York State
and Korea. It is unfortunate that even in the United States, where human life
is considered the highest value; low-income elderly people who live alone due
to neglect and lack of money to install our products are exposed to the risk of
sudden death. We will send it to local government by email, so please consider
this policy. Eagle Group Co., Ltd. is a company that produces and develops
radar sensors and develops a system to prevent sudden death and save lives
through platform services, putting into practice the principle that there is
nothing more precious than life in the world.

If you would like to know more about
our company, please search for Tom Seo, Eagle energy on LINKEDIN or,

We will send you the product catalog
and Life-saving videos so please refer to it and give us the opportunity. Thank






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